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Your presence matters in business...

I love HR people!  

And I also know that  people in Human Resources are afraid of the V word- Vulnerability.  Navigating through the business world right now is challenging and hard.  There are so many unknowns and "figuring it out along the way" moments. 
HR is responsible of taking care of people, but who’s taking care of HR? 

I'm Deitra McGuire, a trusting confidant and coach who's walked in the difficult shoes of HR professionals. When you are in Human Resources, you are always wearing a coaching hat.  I help HR Teams and Leaders come together cohesively AND build higher levels of competency  through power packed coaching solutions and customized team strategies. Learn the  foundational coaching skills that HR Business Partners must have so you can be exceptional in your work and feel like you are making the difference that you were called to do.

Are you a mid career to senior level HR Leader who needs 1:1 direction for yourself or your team? Let's talk about how to transform your HR Life and get moving now!




HR Leaders tend to give all their energy to the organization, and leave none for themselves. In 2021, Deitra was approached by an organization out of California with two big goals:

1. "Fill us back up so we can be focused!"

2."Teach us to be better coaches for our people!"

Deitra had a wonderful time working with 18 HR Leaders through her custom HR Coaching Program.  Every leader got 1:1 time plus group time.

The result?

"We want more!"

Are you an HR Team looking for a reset, refresh, and reframing of your skills?

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